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With on-demand data, your company can transform day-to-workflows, increase collaboration, and be more productive.
Businesses are constantly looking to innovate by improving or replacing inefficient processes. Drones make this possible.
Cameras make it possible to capture imagery across the electromagnetic spectrum. Some drones come with an inbuilt camera while others have a detachable camera. There are various equipment, photography and videography including frameworks such as RGB, multispectral, NIR and thermal, coupled with gimbals and electronic image stabilization. These images can be transformed into essential data using specialised software.
Drones use obstacle detection sensors and AI in software algorithms and SLAM technology to scan the surroundings. These systems fuse one or more of the following sensors to sense and avoid: Vision Sensor, Ultrasonic, Infrared, Lidar, Time of Flight (ToF), Monocular Vision.
To be airborne, a Ground Station Controller (GSC) or a smartphone app connected with a remote control system, also known as ground control, needs to be in place. Most UAVs have dual Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS) such as GPS and GLONASS. Gyro stabilization and IMU technology provide smooth flight capabilities. They also utilize GCP (Ground Control Points), or nowadays RTK (Real Time Kinematic) or PPK (Post Processed Kinematic) technologies for mapping.
These powerful and portable solutions use operating systems and firmware, which can be programmed and updated. Lately, intelligent flight systems, most of which are autonomous systems, and modes such as Follow Me, Active Tracking, Waypoints, Return To Home, have been already implemented in drones. External drone software such as 3D mapping, photogammetry and smart vision software provide insights and crucial data for businesses.

Robotic and Automated Systems

Automated systems provide efficiency, complementing human capabilities.

Drone Services

With sensors, advanced cameras, drones can quickly capture data. Coupled with drone software, these data can be analysed, providing insights quickly.


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LICENSING AND TRAININGWe Are Licensed Professionals & Licence Providers

Capturing the moments through photography preserve them through time and holds them in memories. We provide aid in training enthusiast and new professionals in the industry. As trusted experts, we provide licensing for drone pilots and experts in security.

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Our team manages expectations, prepare programs, define goals and metrics, test and trial, document, use SOPs (Standardized Operating Procedures), assess risk and mitigate, focus on data security and outcomes.

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