Kompania e parë e Dronëve në Shqipëri

SKAITECH is the first drone company in Albania, established in 2020, with the aim to reach for the SKAI. The company offers a comprehensive range of drone services, solutions, and products. From drone manufacturing and customization, to repair, consulting, and training, SKAITECH is the go-to provider for all things drone in Albania and Kosovo. Our expertise extends to AI, unmanned systems, robotics, IoT, and cloud technologies, to achieve its long-term vision of unlocking the potential of drones, robotics, and AI.

The company is committed to providing innovative and impactful solutions for businesses across a wide range of industries, including infrastructure, energy, agriculture, security, and defense. SKAITECH helps businesses save hazardous man-hours and create operational efficiencies, while providing powerful business intelligence that drives commercial success. SKAITECH is defining what it means to be “Made in Albania“.

Misioni Ynë

Të zbulojmë potencialin e dronëve, robotikës dhe AI.

Vizioni Ynë

Të pilotojmë ndryshimin e botës drejt automatizimit dhe dixhitalizimit.

Skudra Jonë e Dedikuar


CEO & Bashkë-ThemeluesAltin Bamllari


COO & Bashkë-Themelues Arbi Bamllari


Drejtor i TeknologjisëLedio Zajmi


Drejtues i Sistemeve Inxhinierike dhe SoftuerikeGerald Hoxha


Inxhinier RobotikeIgli Jasharllari


Sales & Business DevelopmentFranko Kostare