This is the first Drone Made in Albania.

We are the Drone company of Albania,
that offers Drone & Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We are the Drone company of Albania,
that provides Artificial Intelligence solutions

Looking for drone services? We have a solution for you!
Photogrammetry, 3D Point Cloud, DTM/DSM and more!
Asset inspection for Infrastructure & Energy with visual/thermal cameras.
Crop health monitoring and Visualized report generation.
AI-based drone solutions for public safety, critical missions and SAR.

We Use Various Technologies & Products To
Get The Best Results

Once you contact us, you will have a broad range of solutions available, from which the most effective one will be chosen in accordance with experts from our team.





Congratulations! You’re in good company.

With on-demand data, your company can transform day-to-workflows, increase collaboration, and be more productive.
Businesses are constantly looking to innovate by improving or replacing inefficient processes. Drones make this possible.
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Drone Solutions

We use drones to quickly capture and analyse data, to provide insights quickly.

IoT & Cloud

IoT infrastructure systems provide efficiency, complementing human capabilities.

AI & Security

Security for an insecure world, coupled with machine-learning algorithms.

XR Solutions

Experience or create a reality by leveraging the 360 space.

LICENSING AND TRAININGWe Are Licensed Professionals & Licence Providers

Capturing the moments through photography preserve them through time and holds them in memories. We provide aid in training enthusiast and new professionals in the industry. As trusted experts, we provide licensing for drone pilots and experts in security.

DRONE CONSULTINGWe offer the best
UAV Platforms,
Solutions, Project
and Program

Our team manages expectations, prepare programs, define goals and metrics, test and trial, document, use SOPs (Standardized Operating Procedures), assess risk and mitigate, focus on data security and outcomes.

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