Surveillance, intelligence, reconnaissance from the air.

Border Security

Autonomously deployable UAVs for borders, prisons and other critical areas monitoring.

Tactical Operations

Deliver in-depth intelligence for analysis and decision-making for tactical missions.

Custom drone solutions for military/defense reconnaissance, patrolling, and incident response

SQ1 Skaitech

Custom Built Drones

  • Hardware Design & Manufacturing
  • Closed Loop System
  • Firmware & Software

Drone Security

  • Detection of illegal activities
  • Anti-terrorism missions
  • Anti-drug missions
  • Mapping
  • Interventions during incidents
  • Interventions during incidents


  • Critical Area Monitoring
  • Autonomous Charging and Flight Missions
  • Prisons, Borders and High Security Infrastructure Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Acquisition & Custom AI Models
  • Object Detection for Real-time RGB & Thermal Imagery

Tethered Drone Solutions

  • Military & Defense Surveillance
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Crowd Monitoring
  • Emergency Service

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