Drone Delivery

Bringing drone delivery to Albania for the first time.


Medical, Blood & Vaccine, Emergency Equipment Delivery

Drone delivery of medical supplies, including emergency equipment and vaccines, can potentially improve the speed and efficiency of healthcare delivery, particularly in remote or underserved areas in Albania. It can also reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases and minimize the need for human contact during the delivery process.


Food & Groceries Delivery

Drone delivery of food and groceries can potentially improve the speed and convenience of grocery shopping, particularly for individuals who have mobility issues or live in rural or remote areas. It can also reduce the environmental impact of transportation, as drones emit fewer emissions compared to traditional delivery methods.


Cargo & Goods Delivery

Drone delivery of goods and cargo has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and speed of delivery, especially in hard-to-reach or logistically challenging areas. This method of delivery can also help reduce the environmental impact of transportation, as drones emit fewer emissions compared to traditional delivery methods.



10X faster and 1000+ less working hours.


Range of millimeters.


Up to 85% cost effective.


Easily deployable on site.


Inspect remotely.

How It Works

Choose a Drone

Select drones that are capable of meeting the operational requirements of the service, as well as the product type, including payload capacity, range, flight duration, and safety features. Here's a list of some of our drone solutions:

  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK. Workhorse of carrying different payloads.
  • Fixar 007. VTOL fixed-wing for delivery.
  • Draganfly Commander 3XL. Fit for purpose.
  • Draganfly Heavy-lifter. Certified for over 30kg of payload.

Flight Planning

Flight planning for drone delivery involves creating a detailed plan for the safe and efficient operation of a drone to deliver goods or packages. The flight plan should consider factors such as the weight and size of the payload, the distance and route of the flight, the weather and wind conditions, and any relevant regulations or restrictions. The flight plan should be reviewed and approved by the appropriate authorities before the flight can take place, and ongoing monitoring and communication may be necessary during the flight.

Flight Approval

Follow all local, state, and federal laws and regulations related to drones and drone operations, including obtaining any necessary certifications, licenses, and approvals. This is especially necessary while flying BVLOS and above UAV permitted airspace.

Flight Operation

We develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) for drone operations, including procedures for flight planning, package handling, and emergency procedures. Then we set up infrastructure and logistics: establish a base of operations, including a drone hangar and charging station, and develop a logistics plan for package handling and delivery, if need be.

Product Delivery

Drone delivery enables more efficient, faster and environmentally friendly logistics and transport for goods. Some products that can be delivered with drones are:

  • Medicine, Blood & Vaccines
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Food
  • Groceries
  • Cargo
  • Goods