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Drone Mapping


A drone mapping or survey refers to the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), to capture aerial data with sensors, such as RGB, thermal, multispectral cameras, and LIDAR payloads. After the drone mapping, photogrammetry software is used to process and analyse the data.


Surveying with a drone offers enormous potential to GIS professionals, engineers, architects, project managers and stakeholders. With a drone, we can carry out highly accurate topographic surveys of the same quality as the traditional methods, but much quicker, reducing the costs, the workload of specialists in the field, and ensuring their safety.


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Drone Inspection


Visual inspections are critical to ensuring the proper maintenance of a company’s critical assets in industries such as infrastructure, energy and telecommunication. We use drones to collect data on the condition of an asset, while helping inspectors avoid dangerous situations and demonstrate site progress over time.


Drone thermal imagery is powerful, especially for utility and building inspections. Operators are able to spot missing or damaged installation, water under roof membranes, external electrical issues, failed windows, and many other problems. One of the most powerful aspects of a thermal camera is that it can detect and highlight problems which can be missed during a visual inspection.



There are huge benefits both to the farmer and to the wider environment by minimizing the use of sprays, fertilizers, wastage of water and at the same time increasing the yield from crops. Multispectral imaging camera sensors on agricultural drones allow the farmer to manage crops, soil, fertilizing and irrigation more effectively. The multispectral images integrate with specialized agriculture software which output the information into meaningful data.


Drones are being deployed for spraying for disease, weed, and pest control, as well as spreading pesticides and fertilisers. Agricultural drones are very suitable and agile for working in large areas of land and rough terrains with high efficiency. These UAVs are much bigger in size and will have a larger and wider spraying span. They can increase and improve the efficiency of spraying more area of land in a shorter duration compared to a traditional way.


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360 Panorama


SKAITECH has partnered with a German drone company, which provides geomagnetic analysis by drone. The subsoil investigation is the examination of the subsoil for metallic disruptive bodies and archaeological structures. In addition to explosive ordnance detection and pipeline location, it is an important part of construction projects in order to guarantee planning security.



Drones save lives, being a great solution for public safety/search and rescue missions. They provide detailed data quickly and efficiently, hence impacting the decision making process that any unit goes through to conduct the search. With drone imagery, mapping and tracking, all parties involved know about dangers and obstacles beforehand. All this can impact the time of mission when minutes matter.


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