Drone Spraying

We use drones for spraying and spreading pesticides, as well as seeding.


Crop Spraying

Pests and plant disease are always an issue for farmers, spraying chemicals manually will always pose a health hazard, is very time-consuming and labour-intensive. Using drones to treat infected plants is much safer, more efficient and saves money, with autonomous flight modes, allowing farmers to plan flight paths only around areas that need to be treated and leave the healthy parts of field free from unnecessary chemicals. 


Seed Spreading

Drone planting technology works by firing seeds in carbon capsules into the soil and mapping specific species to their native areas. The capsule protects and fertilizes the seeds as they grow, then breaks down as they strengthen into seedlings. By using drones to plant trees, landscapes can restore faster and at scale. One drone can plant up to 40,000 seed pods a day.


Solar Panel Cleaning

Our drone spraying service offers a quick and efficient solution for cleaning solar panels. Our drones can cover large areas in a short amount of time, leaving your solar panels spotless and maximizing energy output. With precision control and state-of-the-art equipment, SKAITECH ensures a thorough clean every time.



10X faster and 1000+ less working hours.


Range of millimeters.


Up to 85% cost effective.


Easily deployable on site.


Work remotely.

How It Works

Choose a Drone

Nowadays there's a drone for every purpose. Here's a list of some of our drones and their purpose:

  • DJI Agras Series: T10, T30, T40. The spraying and spreading drones.
  • XAG V40. Best in class.
  • XAG P100. Large for large scales.

Flight Planning

The next step is flight planning. This should be done prior with another drone such as a Phantom 4 RTK. Select the area where you want to do drone mapping along with it ensure safety majors, choose parameters and fly the mission. Then by photogrammetry obtain the DSM/DTM model so it imported on the spraying/spreading drone for its flight path and mission, to follow terrain.

Spraying / Spreading

Now the work is on the ground. After all mapping is done for terrain changes, take the drone to the area where you have planned your flight and fly it. Insert pesticides in the tank and connect drone to remote on the drone mapping app then tap on the fly mission. The drone will spread/spray to the area mapped and follow the terrain.


Once the drone spraying or spreading is conducted once, the mission can be saved and repeated as many times as needed by a press of a button. The drone will perform the mission as instructed automatically.