3D PluraView

Experience superior 3D visualization with the 3D PluraView monitor series. Featuring passive polarized filter glasses and resolutions up to 4K, it offers sharp images, wide compatibility, and ergonomic design for professionals.

Key Specs
  • Passive stereoscopic 3D with polarized filter glasses
  • Resolution: Up to 4K (UHD) with 10-bit color depth
  • Screen sizes: Up to 28 inches
  • Refresh rate: 1ms for blur-free image display
  • Compatibility with over 150 stereo-compatible applications
  • Ergonomic design: Flicker-free technology, wide viewing angle, solid stand

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Immerse yourself in stunning 3D visualization with the 3D PluraView monitor series by Schneider Digital. Designed for professionals, it delivers superior stereoscopic viewing with passive polarized filter glasses for comfort. Choose from resolutions up to 4K with 10-bit color depth for sharp, detailed images. Available in multiple screen sizes up to 28 inches, it features flicker-free technology and wide compatibility with over 150 stereo-compatible applications. The ergonomic design ensures stability and comfort, with a wide viewing angle for group collaboration. Utilizing passive 3D technology, it eliminates flicker and the need for special drivers or software, providing a seamless experience for professionals in various fields.

In The Box

  • 3D PluraView Monitor Unit
  • Power Cable
  • Passive Polarized Filter Glasses
  • User Manual & Safety Information