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D-fend Solutions is a leading provider of effective and scalable counter-drone solutions. Their patented sensor fusion technology enables long-range drone detection, even in challenging environments.


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D-fend Solutions is a leading provider of effective and reliable counter-drone solutions. Their products and services are trusted by airports, prisons, critical infrastructure facilities, and government agencies worldwide. With their patented sensor fusion technology, D-fend Solutions offers comprehensive airspace monitoring and detection capabilities, ensuring long-range identification of drones even in challenging environments.

In addition to detection, D-fend Solutions provides a range of mitigation solutions, including drone jamming, nets, and identification systems. These solutions disrupt unauthorized drones’ control signals, physically capture them, and even track down and prosecute violators.

D-fend Solutions’ antidrone solutions offer numerous benefits, including enhanced safety, reduced disruptions, improved compliance with airspace regulations, and increased situational awareness. Their high-performance radar, high-resolution cameras, and acoustic sensors enable effective detection and tracking of drones. Moreover, their scalable solutions cater to the unique needs of various organizations.

If you’re seeking a comprehensive antidrone solution, D-fend Solutions is the ideal choice. Their track record of success, coupled with their extensive features and benefits, make them a trusted partner in protecting people and property from unauthorized drones. Visit their website or get in touch with a D-fend Solutions sales representative to learn more.