Dedrone is a leading provider of advanced drone detection and mitigation solutions. Their innovative sensor fusion technology enables the detection of drones at long ranges and in challenging environments. With a range of effective solutions including jamming, nets, and identification, Dedrone helps to counter unauthorized drone activities.

  • Tactical
  • Drone Detection
  • FixedSite
  • Defender
  • RapidResponse
  • Tracker
  • Sensors

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Dedrone is a leading provider of drone detection and mitigation solutions, used by airports, prisons, critical infrastructure, and government agencies. Their patented sensor fusion technology enables long-range drone detection in challenging environments. Dedrone offers jamming, nets, and identification solutions to mitigate unauthorized drone activities. Their solutions increase safety, reduce disruptions, ensure compliance, and enhance situational awareness. Dedrone is a trusted choice for comprehensive and effective drone security.