DJI Avata 2

Dive into action with the DJI Avata 2. Capture stunning 4K/60fps HDR footage with its wider field of view. Enjoy smooth, stable flight and easy acrobatics thanks to its advanced features. This safe, immersive FPV drone unlocks a world of aerial possibilities.

Key Specs
  • 23 minutes flight time
  • Easy ACRO for aerial stunts
  • Integrated propeller guards for safety
  • 4K/60fps HDR video
  • Upgraded 1/1.3-inch image sensor
  • 155° Ultra-Wide-Angle FOV

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Experience the DJI Avata 2, an FPV drone that immerses you in exhilarating aerial adventures. Capture stunning 4K/60fps HDR footage with its upgraded image sensor and O4 video transmission system. With integrated propeller guards and an intuitive controller featuring Easy ACRO mode, mastering aerial acrobatics is effortless. Feel confident with its advanced stabilization algorithm, ensuring smooth shots even during high-speed maneuvers. The Avata 2 Fly More Combo includes the drone, DJI Goggles 3 for immersive viewing, and the DJI RC Motion 3 Controller for intuitive piloting. With up to 23 minutes of flight time per charge, extra propellers, and essential accessories like a gimbal protector and corrective lenses, the Avata 2 opens a world of aerial possibilities. Explore the skies like never before and unleash your creativity with the DJI Avata 2.

In The Box

  • DJI Avata 2 drone
  • DJI Goggles 3
  • DJI RC Motion 3 controller
  • Battery
  • Extra propellers & screws
  • Gimbal protector
  • Goggles padding & extras
  • Cables & screwdriver
  • Controller lanyard