DJI Power Series

Meet the DJI Power Series: portable power stations providing energy for household devices and DJI drone batteries. Choose between the Power 1000 (1024Wh) and Power 500 (512Wh) for versatile power on the go.

Key Specs
  • DJI Power 1000: 1024Wh capacity
  • DJI Power 1000: 2200W max output
  • DJI Power 1000: Solar panel rechargeable
  • DJI Power 500: 512Wh capacity
  • DJI Power 500: 1000W max output
  • Both models: Supercharge DJI drones

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Introducing the DJI Power Series, a new line of portable power stations by DJI. Comprising the DJI Power 1000 and DJI Power 500, these stations are versatile, offering power for household devices and supercharging DJI drone batteries. The DJI Power 1000 boasts a substantial 1024 Wh battery capacity and 2200W max output power, while the more compact DJI Power 500 offers 512 Wh and 1000W respectively. Recharging options vary, with the Power 1000 compatible with solar panels and the Power 500 with a USB-C cable. Both models prioritize portability, with the Power 500 weighing 7.3kg and the Power 1000 at 13kg. Safety features are integrated into both models, ensuring reliable and secure operation for users in various settings.

In The Box

  • DJI Power unit (500 or 1000)
  • AC power cable
  • User manual & safety info