DroneShield offers a comprehensive suite of counter-drone solutions, including portable and fixed-site options. Their high-performance handheld and vehicle-compatible systems provide enhanced field awareness, rapid threat response, and active situational awareness for mobile missions.

Key Specs
  • DroneGun Tactical
  • DroneGun Mk3
  • DroneGun Mk4
  • RfPatrol
  • DroneSentry-X
  • DroneSentry
  • DroneSentry-C2


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DroneShield offers a range of stand-alone portable products and rapidly deployable fixed-site solutions for counter-drone defense. They provide high-performance, handheld portable C-UAS solutions for field awareness and rapid targeted threat response. They also offer vehicle-compatible C-UAS solutions for active situational awareness and threat response for mobile missions.

DroneShield’s products are designed to detect and counter a wide range of UAS threats using artificial intelligence systems for C-UAS defense (e.g., counter-drone protection) . Their state-of-the-art detection and counter-drone products aid your site and security forces against the significant and growing threats of UAS.