EnterpriseFlyability Elios 2

Flyability Elios 2 is a collision-tolerant industrial drone designed for inspections in challenging environments.

Key Specs
  • Collision-tolerant cage design
  • Obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Indoor GPS system
  • 4K camera with 3-axis stabilization gimbal
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Long battery life
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Multiple payload options
  • Compatible with various software solutions
  • Multiple safety features for secure operation.

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The Flyability Elios 2 is a specialized industrial drone designed for inspections in challenging environments, such as tight and confined spaces. Its unique cage design makes it collision-tolerant, allowing it to safely navigate around obstacles and protect delicate equipment.

The Elios 2 features obstacle avoidance sensors and an indoor GPS system, making it easy to control and navigate in tight spaces. The 4K camera with 3-axis stabilization gimbal provides high-quality aerial images, while the easy-to-use remote control makes it accessible to operators of all skill levels.

This drone has a long battery life, making it suitable for long inspections, and its simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to use. The Flyability Elios 2 offers multiple payload options and is compatible with various software solutions, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for a range of industrial applications.

The Elios 2 also includes multiple safety features to ensure secure operation, making it an ideal choice for inspections in challenging environments. Whether for building inspections, infrastructure inspections, or search and rescue operations, the Flyability Elios 2 provides a reliable and efficient solution for aerial inspections in challenging environments.

In The Box

  • 1 x Elios 2 UAV
  • 1 x Ruggedized 8″ tablet with its charger and Flyability Cockpit App installed
  • 1 x Transport case
  • 1 x Battery storage safe bag
  • 1 x Toolbox with all required tools for maintenance
  • 1x 32 GB, 1x 64 GB Micro SD cards
  • 6 x Spare cage pentagons
  • 5 x Pack of 4 propellers
  • 5 x Robot battery charger
  • 9 x Robot batteries
  • 24 months warranty
  • A 1-year Inspector 3.0 Premium license to visualize, localize, and document your inspection data
  • A one-day Introductory Training (an online version is available as well)
  • Unlimited phone and email support