Freefly Alta X

SKU: AltaX

Freefly Alta X is a heavy-lift drone designed for professional aerial cinematography and photography.

Key Specs
  • Heavy-lift capabilities
  • Dual operator control
  • Large payload capacity
  • Customizable flight characteristics
  • Easy-to-use and powerful flight software
  • Multiple flight modes
  • Long flight time
  • Fast and precise flight control
  • Multiple power options
  • Robust and durable design


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The Freefly Alta X is a professional-grade drone designed for aerial cinematography and photography. With its heavy-lift capabilities, the Alta X is capable of carrying large payloads and provides a stable and smooth platform for capturing aerial footage. The dual operator control allows for greater collaboration and efficiency during flights.

The Alta X has a large payload capacity, allowing it to carry professional-grade cameras and other equipment. The flight characteristics are customizable, allowing for a tailored flying experience based on the specific needs of the mission. The easy-to-use and powerful flight software provides advanced control and navigation features, while multiple flight modes offer greater versatility.

The Alta X has a long flight time and fast, precise flight control, providing stability and accuracy in even challenging conditions. With multiple power options and a robust and durable design, the Alta X is designed for extended use in the field. Whether for aerial cinematography, photography, or other professional applications, the Freefly Alta X provides a versatile and reliable solution for aerial operations.

In The Box

  • Alta X Airframe with 30A isolators, F9P GPS
  • Spare parts kit
  • Fuse Mini 297 32V 10A (x2)
  • Replacement Battery Strap (x2)
  • Active Blade Bumper (black) (x2)
  • Active Blade Bumper (gray) (x2)
  • M4x16 Combo Head bolt (x5)
  • M4x10 Combo Head bolt (x5)
  • M3x8 Combo Head bolt (x5)
  • M4x14 Combo Head bolt (x5)
  • M4x8 Combo Head bolt (x5)
  • USB C to A Cable (1m)
  • Allen drivers (x3)