Pix4D products enable you to digitize reality and measure from images taken from planes, drones, phones, or any other camera. Pix4D revolutionizes photogrammetry so you can scale up and unleash the power of your imagery.


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The flagship product, Pix4Dmapper, is tailored for drone mapping, enabling users to create accurate 3D models, orthomosaics, and point clouds from drone imagery. Pix4Dreact, another software offered by the company, serves as a fast and user-friendly emergency response tool. It facilitates the creation of 2D maps and 3D models from drone imagery, aiding in damage assessment and recovery planning. Pix4Dfields, designed for agriculture, enables the creation of 3D field models to monitor crop health, plan fertilizer applications, and evaluate yields. Lastly, Pix4Dsurvey is dedicated to surveying, allowing the creation of 3D models for inspecting buildings, infrastructure, and other objects, supporting damage assessment, renovation planning, and as-built drawings.

Pix4D’s software finds application across various industries and sectors. In the construction sector, companies utilize Pix4D’s software to inspect and monitor construction sites, track progress, and create accurate as-built drawings. In agriculture, farmers rely on Pix4D to monitor crop health, plan fertilizer applications, and assess yields. Mining companies employ Pix4D’s software to inspect and monitor mining sites, track progress, and develop 3D models of ore bodies. Oil and gas companies benefit from Pix4D’s software to inspect and monitor pipelines, oil rigs, and other infrastructure. Additionally, public safety agencies employ Pix4D’s software for damage assessment post-natural disasters, planning search and rescue operations, and creating 3D models of crime scenes.

Pix4D is revolutionizing the data collection and utilization practices of businesses and organizations worldwide. Their software is characterized by its ease of use, accuracy, and affordability, making it an invaluable tool for numerous applications. Pix4D’s software ensures accuracy through state-of-the-art photogrammetry techniques, generating 3D models with centimeter-level precision. Furthermore, the software’s processing speed is commendable, enabling the handling of large datasets of drone imagery within a matter of hours. Even without prior experience in photogrammetry, users can easily navigate Pix4D’s software. Lastly, Pix4D offers competitive pricing, making their software an accessible choice compared to other solutions available in the market.

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