Unitree Robotics Go2

Unitree Go2 is a revolutionary quadruped robot with advanced AI capabilities. Featuring a Super Recognition System, powerful performance, and intelligent features, it offers seamless control via smartphone app or voice recognition (Go2 Pro).

Key Specs
  • Super Recognition System: 4D LiDAR L1 sensor
  • Peak Joint Torque: 45 N.m
  • Max Running Speed: Approx. 5 m/s
  • Battery Life: Approx. 2-4 hours
  • Intelligent Features: ISS 2.0, Big Model GPT
  • Control Options: Smartphone App, Voice Recognition

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Step into the future of robotics with the Unitree Go2, a groundbreaking quadruped robot redefining embodied AI. Equipped with an advanced Super Recognition System and powerful performance capabilities, it navigates complex terrain effortlessly. The Intelligent Side-follow System ensures smooth companionship, while an ultra-long battery life keeps it running for hours. Empowered by Big Model GPT, it’s not just a robot but a potential intelligent companion capable of learning new skills. Control is seamless with smartphone app integration, and the Go2 Pro model offers hands-free control with voice recognition. Whether for outdoor adventures or capturing unique footage, the Unitree Go2 sets a new standard in robotic companionship and AI interaction.

In The Box

  • Unitree Go2 Robot
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Remote Controller
  • Quick Start Guide & Safety Information