XAG R150

The XAG R150 is a pioneering unmanned ground vehicle designed for advanced farming with unmanned systems. It offers precise agricultural operations, long battery life, ease of use, and applications such as precision agriculture, field mapping, and material delivery. With increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved crop yields, the R150 revolutionizes farming practices.

Key Specs
  • Centimeter-level Precision
  • RTK GPS System
  • Long Battery Life
  • Multiple Operation Modes
  • Optical Positioning
  • Real-Time Transmission
  • Easy to Use
  • Safety Features


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The XAG R150 is a groundbreaking unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) designed specifically for the future of farming with unmanned systems. It stands out as the world’s first mass-produced agricultural robotic platform of its kind, tailored for unmanned farms and equipped with multiple operation modes and powerful expansion functions. With its diverse capabilities, the R150 can fulfill various agricultural needs, including precision plant protection, efficient spreading, intelligent mowing, transportation of agricultural materials, and epidemic prevention.

The XAG R150 boasts exceptional accuracy, capable of achieving centimeter-level precision that is well-suited for agricultural applications. It relies on optical positioning for navigation and offers real-time transmission through high-speed 4G or WiFi networks. This ensures seamless communication and control, enabling efficient and reliable performance.

Key features of the XAG R150 include high precision enabled by an RTK GPS system, allowing for precise application of pesticides and fertilizer in precision agriculture. It also features an extended battery life, lasting up to 8 hours on a single charge, making it suitable for use in large fields or orchards. Additionally, the R150 is designed to be user-friendly, allowing operation by a single person, and it incorporates safety features such as collision avoidance and obstacle detection.

The applications of the XAG R150 are diverse and cater to various agricultural needs. Precision agriculture tasks, such as pesticide spraying, fertilizer application, and data collection on crop health and yield, can be efficiently performed using the R150. Furthermore, the vehicle can be employed for field mapping purposes, creating 3D models of crops to facilitate crop rotation planning, assess crop health, and identify areas of concern. Additionally, the R150 is capable of material delivery, allowing transportation of seeds, fertilizer, and water to remote areas, which proves advantageous for farmers with extensive fields or those situated in remote locations.

In The Box

  • XAG R150 UGV
  • Remote controller
  • Battery
  • Sprayer
  • Fertilizer tank