Public Safety

Law Enforcement

Drone and AI technology to track suspects, monitor areas with criminal activity and traffic violations.


Fight fires, navigate the area safely and find survivors with aerial views, live video, and resource allocation.

Search & Rescue

Deploy drones quickly to increase situational awareness through aerial imagery for saving lives.

Emergency Management

Immediate emergency management through devastated location monitoring and drone mapping.

Enhancing public safety with AI-integrated drone monitoring and analysis


Drone Security

  • Border surveillance
  • Surveillance of public events
  • Interventions during incidents
  • Security of sensitive areas
  • Search & Rescue Missions
  • Aerial situational awareness
  • Artificial Intelligence

Drone Delivery

  • Medical, Blood & Vaccine, Emergency Equipment Delivery

Drone Inspection

  • Visual Inspection
  • Thermal Inspection
  • Reporting
  • Identify humans

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